Established: July 15, 2009
Birthday: May 21

​Jeremiah 9:23-25
"The Lord says, "Do not let a wise man brag about how wise he is. Do not let a strong man boast about how strong he is. Do not let a rich person brag about how rich he is. But here is what the one who brags should boast about. He should brag that he has understanding and knows me. I want him to know that I am the Lord. No matter what I do on earth, I am always kind, fair and right. And I take delight in that," announces the Lord."


I graduated from Messiah College with an Elementary Education Degree.  I spent the next 18 years homeschooling my own three children and teaching at homeschool groups. In 2009, I began teaching at KCDC.  I spent two years with the one year olds and now am in the two year old room.  When I am not at daycare, I love to be outside gardening, walking or just reading somewhere drinking a cup of coffee.

Ms. Sara

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